Serving as a special needs trustee

March 25, 2024 — A “special needs trust” (SNT) is typically created to provide financial support for a disabled individual. Aging parents of a person with Down syndrome might create an SNT to provide for their child’s needs after they have died. The SNT trustee must manage the endowment to benefit the person with special needs over time. The... Read More

Chronic kidney disease

March 18, 2024 — Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects one out of seven Americans. It is among the top ten causes of death in the United States. At first, its symptoms are very subtle and it progresses slowly, getting worse over decades. People often don’t know they have CKD. By the time significant symptoms emerge, the kidneys have been... Read More

Insomnia in older adults

March 11, 2024 — Older adults need about seven hours of sleep at night. But they often have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. They frequently wake up early and are not able to go back to sleep. This is due in part to normal changes of aging. We just don’t spend as much time in the deep phases... Read More

What is “assisted living”?

March 4, 2024 — There are many options for older adults who can no longer live at home independently. Assisted living facilities (ALFs) are tailored to individuals with health concerns that do not require the 24-hour medical attention provided by a nursing home. ALFs enable residents to be freed from the chore of meal preparation and housework and be... Read More