Choosing a “senior tablet”

December 25, 2023 — Much of life’s interactions occurs online these days. If your loved one is not tech savvy, has mild dementia, or has little access to support in a facility, you might consider a “senior tablet.” They have limitations compared to the typical consumer tablet, but could well be worth it. They are streamlined and simplified so... Read More

Dementia: Navigating the airport

December 18, 2023 — As exciting as a trip can be, for a person with dementia, the loss of routine is confusing. And the loud, large, busy terminal spaces are often distressing. Too much stimuli! Your job is to keep the process as calm and unhurried as possible. If you are rushing, flustered, and anxious, your loved one with... Read More

Why Mom doesn’t take her pills

December 11, 2023 — Did your mom teach you to “do what the doctor says”? If she’s not following doctor’s orders for medications now, you’re probably feeling confused. And concerned. It’s common for patients not to take pills as directed. Some typical reasons: “It’s too costly.” One quarter of new prescriptions are never filled because of cost. Make sure... Read More

How nutrition affects breathing

December 4, 2023 — Food and oxygen are the basic fuels that we need for the cells of our body to do their jobs. People with COPD have to expend more energy breathing. Because their exhales are not always efficient, they tend to develop high levels of carbon dioxide. Not good. Fortunately, there are food choices that can reduce... Read More