Become a Caregiver or Private Duty Nurse

Thank you for your interest in Holistic HomeCare Associates!

We are always looking for exceptional caregivers and nurses and if you think you fit that description, we would like to meet you! Our clients are highly selective and want to meet only the very best candidates. We help them with the caregiver or nurse match by carefully listening to their unique requirements in skills, experience, training, and personality traits. The final hiring decision is made by the client after interviewing or trialing a candidate we present to them.

Our caregivers and nurses are directly hired by the client which results in a closer relationship to the client/family, more competitive pay rates, and higher client and caregiver satisfaction. Registering with us is FREE OF CHARGE and there are no obligations for you to be exclusively registered with us.

Here are the steps to register with us and find your ideal position:

  1. Complete our online application
  2. Gather the required documents to bring to your interview (original references, photo ID cards, legal proof of work eligibility, social security card, licenses and proof of professional liability insurance if applicable)
  3. Schedule a screening interview at our office
  4. Agree to a background check and present excellent references
  5. Provide proof of your legal right to work
  6. If you are matched to one of our clients, present for an in-person client interview on request