Cost & Payment

When our caregiver match is successful, we give you a choice of two payment options:

Option 1: Employer Support Plan

We offer turn-key employer support by simplifying and automating the process of hiring. You negotiate directly with your caregiver at an agreed-upon rate. Then, through our secure web-based platform, we offer bonding, liability insurance, nationwide background checks, obtaining an employer identification number, time-keeping, payroll, tax withholding, and filing. We assist with sourcing workman’s compensation and disability insurance and offer back-up caregiver coverage as needed.  Our fee is included in the invoice as a line item, on top of the hourly rate or daily rate on the payroll.  Registration is easy and takes only minutes to start the services.

Option 2: Flat Fee

For those who want to handle their own employer responsibilities, we charge a one-time competitive flat placement fee based on the wages of each caregiver hired.

For more information on our services and fees please contact us.

Private duty nursing services:

We offer a wide range of private duty skilled nursing services including RNs and LPNs. Please note that private duty nursing services are not reimbursed by insurance plans. To learn more about our competitive hourly and live in nursing rates call 646 240-4888