It Takes Experience to Hire Exceptional Care

One of my clients had an urgent need for a companion. Her mental health had recently deteriorated to the point where she could not safely be alone in her apartment. I called Holistic HomeCare Associates and within a matter of days, I hired two wonderful caregivers that my client immediately embraced; they took the necessary initiative in caring for my client both medically and emotionally. As the legal guardian, I enrolled in the Employer Support Plan which made hiring caregivers smooth and seamless. Paychecks were automatically withdrawn from the bank account and I received weekly online payroll summaries by email, which made it very easy to stay up to date with fees and financial record keeping.
Teresa Grant Stoeth, Elder Law Attorney
When my mother was anxiously looking for home care, I contacted Holistic HomeCare Associates and spoke with Rick. He was very responsive and personally visited with my mother to explain the hiring process. Since I live out of state, he updated me by phone and email and kept me in the loop. Since that time my mother has received excellent care from a wonderful team of caregivers and has only good things to say about her experience. This reflects very well on Holistic HomeCare Associates and the people that work there, since my mother is a very discerning and sometimes demanding client.
Jamie Schnitzer
Holistic HomeCare Associates provided us with well trained, highly responsible and personable home aides who have never failed us. In addition, they directed us to important resources when we needed to obtain durable medical equipment products and supported us every step of the way. During a very stressful time of our lives, Holistic HomeCare Associates was there for us and made our lives easier.
Steve Salman
The incredible advantage of Holistic HomeCare Associates is the time they take to thoroughly vet the qualifications of their caregivers, offer options for your budget and search for the right fit. It’s such a far cry from regular home care agencies—really entirely different services. We couldn’t have made it through without their terrific aides and the support and expertise of their placement staff.
Betsy Todd, RN
Holistic HomeCare Associates could not have been a more supportive, efficient and responsive organization to work with when it came time to put together a team of caregivers to take care of my parents. They took the time to understand who my parents were and what they needed. They provided an excellent group of prospective candidates and helped with selection, scheduling, and the details of payroll. As a result, my parents are being looked after by a wonderful group of caring, well-trained and trustworthy caregivers, some of whom feel like family. I could not think more highly of Holistic HomeCare Associates and the people who run it. I’m not sure where my family would be without them.
Rachel U.