Curbing your perfectionism

October 30, 2023 — If you are a perfectionist, you may have noticed that your high standards often backfire. Despite your best intentions, you actually accomplish less. Research confirms this. Studies also show that perfectionism frequently leads to anxiety, depression, and difficult relationships. With a gentler approach, you can still have goals and standards as a family caregiver. And... Read More

Affordable funerals

October 23, 2023 — We are all vulnerable to an upsell when we want to honor a deceased family member. Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission offers some protection in the form of standards all funeral homes must follow. This enables you to make apples-to-apples comparisons. For instance, you have the right to price information when you phone. And an... Read More

Physical therapy and pain relief

October 16, 2023 — Pain is no fun, whether in a knee, a neck, or elsewhere in the body. There are drugs that dull pain. But they don’t cure the problem. Plus, prescription drugs usually have side effects or are addictive. Physical therapy (PT) is a proven treatment that can relieve pain and in some instances, cure the problem.... Read More

What is hoarding?

October 9, 2023 — Perhaps you wonder if your family member is a “hoarder.” (You may even harbor secret fears about yourself!) We all have cherished possessions. From trophies to teacups. Spare buttons to cans of half-used paint. But hoarding is different. Most of us can determine when we have “enough.” And we can decide to stop buying things... Read More

Senior move managers

October 2, 2023 — Does your loved one need to downsize? Move? Does the prospect seem overwhelming? Perhaps not just physically, but emotionally too? Enter the senior move manager: Part mover, part interior decorator, part compassionate friend. These professionals take a holistic approach. They handle the physical logistics. They are also skilled at assisting older adults with the emotional... Read More