Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing Services

Holistic HomeCare Associates offers private duty nursing services to those clients and their families that require close monitoring and nursing care.

There are several reasons a person may chose to employ their own Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The most common reasons are to help them recover more effectively after an acute surgery or a complex illness.

Hospital Stays
During a hospital stay, nurse to patient staffing ratios are often higher than desirable (1:6 – 1:8), especially during night shifts. This often motivates patients to hire a private nurse who they know will be always available for their needs. In some cases, family members feel more secure knowing that a nurse is watching over their hospitalized loved ones.

Same Day Surgery
Many clients have found that after a same day ambulatory surgery, they are often discharged home ill prepared to deal with the post-operative course which includes trying to recover, while effectively managing pain, swelling and mobility. Many clients also appreciate the skills a nurse can offer by early recognition of post-operative complications and recognizing when to triage for further medical intervention. With the proper post-operative nursing care, stress levels are reduced and healing and recovery can often happen more quickly.

Hi-technology Home Care
For patients who are transitioning home with high-technology treatments such as ventilator care, continues intravenous therapy or peg tube feedings, skilled nursing services are often required.

Palliative Nursing Care
Some families may have loved ones who can benefit from palliative nursing care nursing services to ensure that pain and comfort measures are optimized in the home setting. Our nurses can work in collaboration with a client’s own primary care doctor or with a designated hospice team, which ever the client decides.

Holistic HomeCare Associates can provide a highly skilled team of RNs, LPN’s and other allied health professionals to meet each client’s specific needs. Care management oversight and scheduling services are available for both short and long term cases.