Our Clients

Our Clients

What are the advantages of employing a private hire caregiver through a licensed home care placement agency?

CHOICE: Choose the specific caregiver(s) that best meets your home care needs, not the automatic caregiver selection of a home health care agency.

QUALITY: Attract a higher caliber caregiver because being employed privately the worker receives 100% of the wages instead of the agency taking 50-60%. They earn more, so you can expect more.

CONTROL: Directly control what the designated caregiver tasks and responsibilities will be in the household, giving you more flexibility in meeting the care needs of your loved one.  This includes tasks that would otherwise not be allowed by agency caregivers ( i.e. driving a client’s car, finger sticks and other “skilled tasks”).  The private hire caregiver is treated as a “family employed substitute” and once trained is able to perform many non tradition “skilled tasks”.

FINANCIAL: Negotiate with the caregiver directly a proposed hourly or daily rate, thereby allowing you to take direct control of costs. Hiring caregivers in this manner often leads to cost savings, and increased work satisfaction among caregivers hired. This model supports higher retention rates leading to long term home care placements and insuring continuity of care.


What are my responsibilities as an employer?
As a domestic worker employer (similar to hiring a nanny), you are responsible for adhering to tax laws including payroll, disability and workers compensation. We are very proud to have partnered with CareFamily to simplify and automate the entire process of being an employer.